What Is the Definition of Stigmatized

Regardless, not being able to get your partner pregnant has been stigmatized for millennia, with studies showing that in half of the cases where couples can`t get pregnant, it`s the result of male infertility. Children should not be stigmatized because their parents are not married. This finding suggests that people without children may be stigmatized in the United States. Subscribe to America`s largest dictionary and get thousands of other definitions and an advanced search – ad-free! Her childhood planted an understanding of women`s bodies, a conversation that can be stigmatized in many immigrant households. Can you beat the previous winners of National Spelli? We would stigmatize anyone who invests in any way in any of these banks. These sample phrases are automatically selected from various online information sources to reflect the current use of the word “stigmatize.” The views expressed in the examples do not represent the views of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us your feedback. Nglish: Translation of stigmater for Spanish speakers Let society stigmatize you, let it impose its enmity on you, but seek God`s commandments. But, of course, Ms. Cleveland was shocked and outraged, and I rushed to stigmatize her as a lie out of nowhere.

What term is strong enough to stigmatize such suicidal madness? Many have incorporated these stigmatizing experiences into their feelings toward themselves. I want to destigmatize that and give people access to this industry from an educational standpoint. When you stigmatize someone, you`ve given them a label — and it`s usually a label that`s restrictive in some way. There are real cultural differences when it comes to acceptance of self-care and the stigma of fatigue. But he refrained from specifying his injuries; To name them would be to stigmatize the whole of humanity. “Stigmatize”. Merriam-Webster.com Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/stigmatize. Retrieved 11 October 2022. In ancient Greece, a stigma was a mark carved into the skin of a slave or criminal to symbolize shame. In the 1500s, the word stigmatize literally meant “mark or tattoo.” Nowadays, stigmatization means humiliating or marking a person in a more symbolic way. Giddens, Anthony and Philip W.

Sutton. 2014. Essential concepts in sociology. Cambridge: Polity Press. Thesaurus: All synonyms and antonyms of stigmatizing (this kind of comparison, as noted by atheist writer Chris Stedman, helps stigmatize mental illness). And it will be your guilt and your crime if it ever comes back – a crime for which history will forever stigmatize you.