What Is the Naics Code for Business Consulting

Please contact us if you wish to retain BMA to provide services related to a NAICS code not listed here. This industry includes institutions that are primarily concerned with advising and assisting companies and other organizations on management issues such as strategic and organizational planning. financial planning and budgeting; Marketing objectives and policies; human resources policies, practices and planning; Production planning; and control planning. Illustrative examples: Actuarial, performance and compensation consulting Marketing consulting Administrative and general management consulting Process, distribution and logistics consulting Personnel consulting Cross-references. NAICS is a classification code developed by the U.S. federal government in collaboration with Canadian and Mexican statistical agencies. These codes are designed to be used by federal statistical agencies to collect, analyze, and publish statistical data about the U.S. economy. The codes assigned to your business are required on all business tax returns. If you have more than one registered business, you will need to file tax returns for each business separately. There is no specific NAICS code for pharmaceutical advice. The code used for pharmaceutical consulting is 541618 which is classified as “Other Management Consulting Services”.

Every business in the United States must have a PBC (Principal Business Code). This code is required when filing tax returns and other government agencies. The following is a list of NAICS business codes for consultation: The parent code that covers management consulting services as a whole is 54161. However, under this code, you will find more specific NAICS codes that encompass many types of businesses. If an enterprise is not classified under a different management consulting code, the correct code is NAICS Code 541618 – Other Management Consulting Services. The NAICS code for marketing consulting services is 541613. The definition of this NAICS code includes U.S. industries which include entities that primarily advise and assist businesses and other organizations on marketing matters, such as the development of marketing objectives and policies, revenue forecasting, product development and pricing, licensing and franchise planning, and marketing planning and strategy.

If a medical consulting firm is a physician`s office (excluding mental health physicians), the corresponding NAICS code is 621111. If this is not the case, the corresponding NAICS code is 541611, the code for administrative management and general management consulting services. There is no specific NAICS code for consulting services and IT technology, but NAICS code 541690 – Other Scientific and Technical Advisory Services. This industry includes entities that mainly advise and assist companies and other organizations on scientific and technical issues (other than environmental issues). In this article, we discussed the business code for consulting. A Master Commercial Code (PBC) is a must for any business in the United States. To file a federal business income tax return, you must file the PBC. In addition, the PBC ranks your business based on the industry, the products and services you sell, and the people you sell to. The NAICS Code for Human Resources Consulting Services is 541612. The definition of this Code applies to U.S. industries that are primarily engaged in advising and assisting businesses and other organizations in one or more of the following areas: (1) human resources policies, practices, and procedures; (2) planning, communicating and administering employee benefits; (3) planning of compensation systems; and (4) payroll administration.

Every business needs NAICS and ITC codes to complete tax and other federal forms. Here is the full list of consulting business codes. The NAICS code for technology consulting services depends on the specific technology area. If no other NAICS code applies, NAICS code 541690. Most computer-related guidance services fall under NAICS 541511 code or NAICS 541512 code. There is no specific NAICS code for construction consulting services. The appropriate NAICS code for construction consulting services depends on the type of construction for which the company provides consulting services. BMA is qualified to provide services under the following NAICS codes: SIC is short for Standard Industrial Classification. These codes are four-digit and are assigned by the U.S. government to companies for the sole purpose of identifying the company`s main activities.

Unlike NAICS, CTI covers only 1004 industries. For example, for a consulting firm, the NAICS subsector would be 541: Professional, Scientific and Technical Services. The industry group would comprise 5416: Management, Scientific and Technical Consulting Services. And the main business code for consulting can be 54161 Management Consulting Services, 54162 Environmental Consulting Services or 54169 Other Scientific and Technical Advisory Services. The NAICS code is assigned automatically. That is, there is a list of codes available for different industries and companies in order to choose the code that best suits their business. If your business operates in more than one industry, you may need to use more than one NAICS code. There is no specific code for oil and gas consulting services, which means that they fall under NAICS code 541690 – Other Scientific and Technical Advisory Services. Services directly related to oil and gas production fall under NAICS code 213112. Oil and gas equipment manufacturing is subject to NAICS code 333132. It is essential for any business in the United States to have a Master Business Code (CBS) to file federal tax returns.

Thus, for each company, there is a SIC code and a NAICS code that indicate the region in which they work. SIC codes can be up to 4 digits. On the other hand, NAICS codes can be up to 6 digits long. The NAICS code for environmental advice is 541620. The definition of enterprises under this code includes entities that primarily advise and assist companies and other organizations on environmental issues, such as the control of environmental contamination by pollutants, toxic substances and hazardous substances. There is no NAICS that covers security consulting services as a whole. The right code depends on the type of security. The NAICS code for cyber security is 541519 (Other Scientific and Technical Advisory Services), but security consulting services in general fall under NAICS code 541690 – Other Scientific and Technical Advisory Services.

There are a number of NAICS codes for consulting firms that can be difficult to find because there is no official NAICS code named exactly like the commonly used name of the business category. For example, there is no NAICS code for “IT consulting services”. IT consulting services are classified under NAICS code 541690 – Other scientific and technical consulting services. Below are some of the most frequently requested category codes by consulting firms. If you`re having trouble finding what you`re looking for, contact us if you have any questions. There are 1170 industries covered by NAICS. This system has a subsector, an industry group, an industry and the six-digit code itself. You can easily find the code in the tables above. The appropriate NAICS code for consulting firms depends on a variety of factors, such as the type of consultation provided and the industry. Fortunately, the following list of NAICS codes includes virtually all types of consulting firms and, in most cases, you can refer to the code that most closely resembles the services offered by your consulting firm. This industry includes institutions that are primarily concerned with operational consulting and support to businesses and other organizations in administrative management, such as financial planning and budgeting, equity and asset management, document management, office planning, strategic and organizational planning, site selection, start-up and improvement of business processes.

This industry also includes general management consulting facilities that provide a full range of administrative, human resources, marketing, process, physical sales, logistics or other management consulting services to clients. Illustrative examples: Administrative management Advisory services Location selection Consulting Financial management (excluding investment advice) Consulting services Strategic planning General management consulting services Cross-references. There is no specific NAICS code for cyber security consulting services. It falls under the NAICS code 541519 developed for other computer services. Enterprises with this NAICS code include facilities that primarily provide computer services (excluding custom programming, systems integration design and facilities management services). Facilities that provide computer disaster recovery services or software installation services are included in this industry. There are slight differences between NAICS and SIC codes. NAICS covers 1170 industries, while CTI covers only 1004 industries. NAICS is updated to cover 358 new industries. It was developed by the statistical authorities of the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Like software consulting, the NAICS code is 541511 for computer consulting. This code also includes computer software development, computer programming services, web page design, software analysis, and computer software support. The NAICS code for most types of technical advice is 541330. Companies within the meaning of this Code are classified as entities primarily concerned with the application of physical laws and engineering principles in the design, development and use of machinery, materials, instruments, structures, processes and systems.